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Boatwalk along rivers and canals 2019
Every day / nab. Fontanka, 21 (Faberge Quay)
from 11:30 to 20:30 and at 21:00
BE CAREFUL! These 6 days navigation is stopped due to a public holidays:
May, 1st 2019 / May, 9th 2019 / May, 27th 2019 / June, 12ve 2019 / June, 21st 2019 / August, 2nd 2019

All the tickets bought on those days will be cancelled and changed to another appropriate date for the client.
Rivers and Channels of St. Petersburg 2019
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  • Duration: 1 hour 15 min
  • Schedule: Every hour from 11:30 to 20:30 and at 21:00.
  • Departure: emb. Fontanka, 21 (Faberge Quay)
  • Boat: Single-deck motor ship with panoramic windows and open deck
  • Language: RUS/ENG
  • On board: WC, audioguide, bar
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Winter Palace (Hermitage) / Strelka V.O. / Peter and Paul Fortress / Summer Garden / Summer Palace Petra / Chizhik-Pyzhik / Anichkov Bridge / Engineering Castle / Circus Sheremetevsky Palace / Marsovo Pole / Spas-on-the-Blood
Boat description
Open deck and large panoramic windows of closed deck with unusual interior.
There is a cafe on board, where you can buy some snacks and hot drinks.
Description of the route
Would you like to see the channels of St. Petersburg? Then this excursion is for you!
Boat trip via St. Petersburg rivers and channels will pass by the Winter Canal, through the Great Neva along the Peter and Paul Fortress. Guests will see the Hermitage, the Summer Garden, the Chizhik-Pyzhik, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Spit of the Vasilievsky Island, after a tour of the river the ship will return to the quay of the Fontanka river embankment 21.

You will sail under the numerous famous bridges, and the audio guide will tell you fascinating stories and legends associated with them. On each bend of the rivers and channels the history of St. Petersburg was based. This sightseeing tour by boat is like a time machine, which will take you through the centuries and show the best that has remained in St. Petersburg. The duration of the route is only 1 hour.

Comfortable boats go from the pier in the city center every hour. Do not forget to take a camera for the trip, because from the open deck you will see magnificent views of the city. And for those who prefer to stay inside, watching the excursion along the Fontanka river will be convenient through the large panoramic windows of the closed deck. In addition, the boat will please you with an unusual interior. There is a cafe on board, where you will find sweets and hot drinks.

Romantic trip through channels is a great way to surprise your soulmate by inviting you to a date on a comfortable boat. Give unforgettable emotions to a loved one, arrange an original trip through the center of St. Petersburg. This is the best excursion on the boat to get a real aesthetic pleasure from observing the exquisite ancient architecture of the amazing city.