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Rental private boats in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Rental private boats in St. Petersburg (Russia)


A private boat trip in Saint-Petersburg is definitely worth adding to your tourist bucketlist. Sightseeing private boat tours on a speedboat, yacht or boat are cost-effective and it is a perfect passtime with your loved ones on holidays. After all, it doesn't require  a lot of money and effort.


Renting a speedboat, yacht or boat in St. Petersburg is suitable:

  • For a  group of friends who want  to enjoy the views of the Northern capital with their loved ones.
  • For guests and locals who want to organize events such as parties, birthdays or weddings on board of the boat.
  • For event organizers who are looking for venues for holidays and group tours.


What can you rent?

  • A speedboat for up to 15 people.
  • A snow-white yacht for up to 16 people.
  • A sailing yacht for up to 8 people.
  • A single-deck boat for up to 55 people.
  • A double-deck boat for up to 130 people.
  • A hydrofoil for up to 130 people.


The price depends:

  • On the boat class and the number of decks. We are currently offering three main categories: standard, comfort, comfort +.
  • On the chosen route and the duration of the event.
  • On the number of passengers on board. For small companies a speedboat or yacht for up to 16 people is suitable.  For larger events renting a boat for 20, 50, 100 and 135 people is suitable.
  • On the program of the event. We will be happy to coordinate any additional service, depending on the event, such as inviting a guide for an individual excursion or organizing a DJ performance or transfering to the pier for a prom party.
  • On meals on board. When renting a boat for an important event catering services are essential. Our catering services will create individual menus for you to have a real gastronomic experience at your event.
  • On season. The tourist season in Saint-Petersburg is divided into three main periods such as the low season (till the 15th of May and after the 10th of September), the high season (from the 16th of May 16 till the 10th of  July) and the midseason (the 11th of July till the 9th of September). That is why the cost of renting a boat in St. Petersburg, as well as a yacht or speedboat, depends on the date of the event.
  • On time and date of renting. At night and on official holidays rates are increased.
  • On a place of embarkation and disembarkation.


How to rent a boat?

  • Write an email to, tell us about the event, your requirements and the number of guests.
  • We will offer suitable options and additional services and choose the itinerary, date and time of the event.
  • After agreeing all the details and the cost of boat rental, you can pay and just enjoy the event.


In fact, renting boats in Saint-Petersburg is a very exciting process. We take into account all the details of the event and find for you the most suitable option. We organize your event from scratch and you just enjoy your party. We guarantee you will be looking forward to coming back time and again!

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