Best boat trips in St. Petersburg


Why Nevatrip?

Why Nevatrip?

Saint-Petersburg...the city of contrasts and beauty. You have not truly felt that national spirit of Russia if you didn’t visit this place. The city is compared to Venice, and for a good reason. There are lots of rivers and canals that run through the city. The most famous river is the Neva River. Just imagine, what picturesque views you will be able to see during a Neva River boat ride. Our company is named after this great river and we fully understand the responsibilities this proud name puts on us. If you are going to visit the city, make sure you won’t miss the wonderful boat cruises in Saint-Petersburg

How can you rent a boat? There are two options to do that. You might buy tickets right at the pier. However, there are several disadvantages of doing that. Waiting in a long queue is not only tiresome but risky for your timings as well. If you are on a guided tour and have some free time, then every minute chounts. Further on, the prices for river tours in Saint-Petersburg are diverse. You can’t know beforehand what to expect and how much the ride will cost you. Finally, the language issues should also be considered. Though English is an international language, there’s no guarantee the locals will perfectly understand you. Keeping all that in mind, what is the best place to get tickets? Nevatrip is at your service!

On our website, you can easily book tickets to all kinds of boat trips in Saint-Petersburg. We offer a wide range of tours that will please the choosiest guests of our city. Besides, there are other advantages such as:

Please, pay attention to the fact that boat trips are available from April to October. However, there are many other things to enjoy in winter in our city. We offer you to visit the Hermitage, take a bus tour, or go with your children on an exciting quest journey. More information is available on our website in the relevant sections.