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The Neva river and Gulf of Finland Cruise 2019
Every day at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00.
Admiralteyskaya emb. 2 (descent with lions)

BE CAREFUL! These 6 days navigation is stopped due to a public holidays:
May, 1st 2019 / May, 9th 2019 / May, 27th 2019 / June, 12ve 2019 / June, 21st 2019 / August, 2nd 2019

All the tickets bought on those days will be cancelled and changed to another appropriate date for the client.
The Neva river and Gulf of Finland Cruise 2019
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  • Duration: 1 hour 45 min
  • Schedule: Every day at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00.
  • Departure: Admiralteyskaya emb. 2 (descent with lions)
  • Steamboat: Comfortable two-deck motor ship-restaurant
  • Guided tour language: RUS. You can purchase an audio guide in English at the box office on the dock
  • On board: WC, bar, restaurant, live music
Attention! This cruise is very popular, that's why we sell tickets at least one day before.
A daytime cruise along the Neva is a good opportunity to hold a business lunch or romantic date, to give bright emotions to your partner or gather a large company of friends and enjoy the beauty of this amazing city.
Winter Palace (Hermitage) / Vasilievsky island
/ Peter-Pavel's Fortress / Summer garden/ Bronze Horseman / Saint Isaac's Cathedral / The Kunstkammer / The Marble Palace / Cable Bridge / Stadium "Zenith Arena" /
Lahta Center
Boat description
You will get a real gastronomic pleasure taking a dinner at steamboat along Neva and watching the evening illumination sparkling brighter and brighter (see the menu).
Description of the route
- All major tourist attractions in 1.5 hours
- Comfortable two-deck restaurant motor boat
- Views of the Gulf of Finland
- Departures every 2 hours
- On-board excursion

This cruise along the Neva is a spectacular trip, which includes going down the Malaya and the Bolshaya Neva and going out to the Gulf of Finland. Don't miss the chance to travel on a restaurant boat with an on-board excursion!

The cruise to the Gulf of Finland follows one of the most famous historical routes on the Neva. It's the place where ships used to enter the city from the Baltic Sea and go to the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. This cruise on a restaurant-boat will excite the curiosity of tourists interested in St. Petersburg history as well as tourists who want to see panoramic views of the city in the central Neva area.

During this impressive trip along the Malaya and the Bolshaya Neva and in the Gulf of Finland, you will see many old architectural monuments and tourist attractions of the grandiose St. Petersburg. Besides, you will see interesting modern constructions like Cable Bridge, Zenit Arena Stadium, and, of course, the Lakhta Center.


You will make one of the most exciting trips aboard a comfortable two-deck boat. It has a modern heating system, all guests can stay indoors on the upper or lower decks or go out to the outdoor area.

During this cruise along the Neva, you will be able to see and appreciate the beauty of the Northern Capital and have dinner in the stylish, posh interior of our on-board restaurant. The basic part of the restaurant menu consists of fish dishes but you also may order European dishes. The boat restaurant is open during the whole trip and is always ready to offer you fast and high-quality service. Check the menu here.

The excursion on the Neva is in Russian. If you have foreign guests with you, then you can buy audio-guide in English or Chinese at the ticket office.

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Please note: this trip with random seating.