Best boat trips in St. Petersburg
Houses on the water in Saint Petersburg

Houses on the water in Saint Petersburg


Nevo house on the water

year-round availability
  • The most spacious and outstanding houseboat in Saint Petersburg
  • Home decor and interiors are carried out in the Arts and Crafts style
  • Panoramic views of Lakhta Center and Zenit Arena
  • Accommodation areas: five bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two terraces
  • Additional features: private pier, jacuzzi, two saunas, natural cedar barrel
  • Amount of guests: up to 35 guests
  • Sleeping areas: up to 12 guests
  • The price varies on weekdays and weekends
35000 ₽ Learn more

A house on the water on Krestovsky Island

year-round availability
  • Houseboat in one of the most prestigious locations in Saint Petersburg
  • Combination of futuristic and minimalistic designs
  • Panoramic views
  • Main areas: three bedrooms, combined living room and kitchen, terrace
  • Additional features: fireplace
  • Amount of guests: up to 15 guests (sleeping areas: up to 8 guests)
  • The price varies depending on the check-in date
40000 ₽ Learn more

When planning the construction of Saint Petersburg, Peter the Great relied greatly on the model of Amsterdam, a famous and wonderful city that is built on the water. In the capital of the Netherlands, you can literally reach the canals without even leaving the building's first floor and get from one place to another by boat. After all, the houses here stand directly on the canals, and the historic part of Amsterdam is even located two meters below sea level. According to Peter's plan, Saint Petersburg was supposed to have a similar structure. But time passed, the construction went on, and the idea faded further and further into history. The tsar's plan was never fully carried out, and Saint Petersburg became a city by the water, not on the water. However, the idea of Peter the First did not rest with many generations of architects, and what the creator had aspired to so much finally appeared in the northern capital of Russia: actual houses on the water. 


A houseboat is a modern floating house or even a floating villa. This format of housing is very common abroad — in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and the USA. In Russia, this trend is only just beginning to emerge. And where else but the northern capital would houseboats be more than perfect? The magnificent architecture, European chic, wide open waters, and Gulf of Finland — everything here encourages you to get a suitcase, pack your things, leave that stuffy apartment block, and move closer to the water. For just a day, a week, or even a few months.


What are the main features of renting floating homes in Saint petersburg?
  • A unique experience. This is a completely new format for Russia, which is only practiced in a handful of cities.
  • Accommodation in the most prestigious districts of St. Petersburg. Most of these houses are in the yacht clubs on Petrogradsky and Krestovsky islands. In these areas the houseboats are often more affordable than the ordinary houses for rent. 
  • Possibility to rent a house within the city. St. Petersburg is not famous for having a great number of rental options for houses and cottages in the areas close to the city center. Houseboats are one of the few options that are literally a couple of minutes from city life. 
  • Total privacy. On a houseboat, with the exception of luxury yachts and boats, you have no neighbors. You are surrounded only by your loved ones and a beautiful scenery and waterscape.
  • The equipment of the house. The house on the water in St. Petersburg is actually a full-fledged cottage with all necessary amenities: a large and fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms, terraces, a spa complex, and, most importantly, panoramic windows and your own access to the water.
  • Exclusivity. Since the trend for houseboats in Saint Petersburg is just beginning to develop, the number of offers for such houses is very limited. To stay in such a house allows you to discover the new, still-developing culture. 


Options to stay in:
  • Houseboat Nevo is a spacious two-story cottage on Krestovsky Island with views of Elagin Island and the Gulf of Finland in the distance. A fantastic location for a romantic getaway with your loved one or a large group party.

Features: 5 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen with all appliances and utensils, 3 open terraces, an area with a panoramic Jacuzzi and 2 saunas, and private access to the water. 

  • A house on the water on Krestovsky Island is a minimalist, iconic houseboat with a view of the fabulous Yelagin Island. This cottage became a local gem thanks to its appearance and mix of high-tech and ascetic design, on a par with Lakhta Center and Gazprom Arena. This is the place where you will feel like a resident of a smart-house from a sci-fi story. 

Features: 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room with a fireplace, a kitchen with all appliances and utensils, an open terrace with private access to the water, and a wood-fired sauna. 


You can rent a houseboat in Saint Petersburg right on our website: just click on the page of the house option you prefer, press the yellow button, fill in all the required information, and book the house in any convenient way. 


A houseboat rental is a great alternative to any apartment or cottage, which helps to create a completely unique experience. After all, renting a house on the water means immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Russia's northern capital, living in the city's best neighborhoods, and literally touching its iconic rivers and canals. Who knows, maybe the ideas of Emperor Peter are still destined to come true, making you one of the discoverers. We wish you the best days on the water!