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Help center


Returning tickets at the customers' initiative leads to the commission charged by the payment system. The commission rate depends on the time left before the departure:

  • More than 24 hours before the departure: 5% commission of the order amount and 30 rubles for the bank refund transaction.
  • Less than 24 hours before the departure: 100% commission of the order amount..
To make a refund, you need to send a request.
The rescheduling is possible at least 6 hours before the departure, if there are vacant seats for the new date. You need to send a request.
If you want to make a trip overnight 1.06 into 2.06, and the tour departs before 24.00, then you need to choose the date «1.06» when buying. If you want to make a trip overnight 1.06 into 2.06, and the tour departs after 24.00, then you need to choose the date «2.06» when buying
Subject to availability, we can reissue your ticket if you contact us at least 6 hours before the departure.
Be in place 15-20 minutes before the departure. On weekends, departing by «Meteor», be in place 25-30 minutes before the departure.
We do not have a single pier for all cruises. The pier depends on the chosen tour.
Bringing your alcohol on board is strictly prohibited on all cruises. Bringing your own food and drinks is prohibited on cruises with the restaurant on board. In other cases, it is allowed to take water and a light meal (sandwiches) with you.).
Almost all our cruises have electronic ticket control
You can print a ticket out in our office on Malaya Morskaya Street, 11, or use the services of any Internet cafe or photo salon in the city. For example, near the Admiralteyskaya metro there is a round-the-clock print shop «Kopirka».
  • Almost all our trips are also sold on piers. But, in this case, the tickets will cost more and are issued only by availability.
  • We also draw your attention to the fact that it is better to purchase tickets for the following trips in advance: bridges raising, restaurant boats and Meteor, since they are in great demand and can be sold out at the box office.
Cancellation of a trip is possible only in case of force majeure. If the weather conditions worsen, trips may be canceled. This primarily applies to the cruises with access to the Gulf of Finland. The water level in the channels affects the movement of river buses: in this case, the route may be changed. Trips that take place only in the central waters of the Neva are less susceptible to the changes due to weather.
Excursions along the rivers and channels run from 11:00 to 21:30, there are also evening cruises and night trips for the bridges raising. The last boat leaves at 01:00.
According to the rules, life jackets must be worn only in case of immediate danger. On board there is always a set of life jackets that matches the number of passengers. In an extreme situation, your task is to follow all the crew's instructions implicitly.
Bicycles are not allowed. On double-deck boats you can place luggage and a baby stroller (folding), on single-deck boats there are restrictions: large luggage is prohibited, the stroller must also be folding. Scooters need a cover.
The transportation of animals is strictly prohibited on all trips.
All our boats (single deck and double deck) are partially covered to hide you from the weather.
Exact time guarantees a seat on a particular boat; open time allows choosing any convenient trip on a particular day. It is better to book tickets with a fixed time on weekends and holidays when the number of tourists increases. When boarding the boat, passengers with fixed-time tickets are given priority.
On many trips, benefits apply to students, people with disabilities, senior citizens, and school pupils. You can find out the exact information on the page of the trip you've chosen on
Unfortunately, the piers are not equipped with the convenient slopes for the disabled people, but the pier administrators always assist you during the landing. For your convenience, choose tours on double-deck boats, where you feel as comfortable as possible.
The current schedule and price are listed on the specific trip's page on our website.
For those who have never been to St. Petersburg, we recommend beginning their acquaintance with the city with the general sightseeing tour along the rivers and channels, as well as a night excursion to the bridges rising. If you are planning to spend a few days in the city, then pay attention to Peterhof by Meteor.
  • Guaranteed seats. When you buy tickets on the site, you are guaranteed to reserve seats for an excursion. This is an important advantage, especially during the high season and holidays, when there is a higher probability of sold-out;
  • Time saving. The process of the on-line booking takes a few minutes. You don't need to go somewhere to buy the tickets in advance and wait in the queue;
  • The acquisition of the unique excursions with an interesting route that are not sold on the pier;
  • Profitable price. Almost all the excursions on our site are cheaper than when buying on the pier;
  • Extra discounts, free travel guide and audio guide.
Passengers under 18 are allowed on board only in the presence of the senior attendants.