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The electronic tickets purchase conditions applicable on the website (of 05/07/2014)

The Nevatrip project ( is a service for purchasing tickets for boat trips through the Internet. Our company is a ticket sales agent, as well as the Organizer of sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg.

By making the purchase of electronic tickets on our website, you agree to all the purchase conditions listed below, including the rules for Passengers on board of a watercraft (for the Passengers' memo see point 5).

If the Buyer does not agree with the tickets purchase conditions, refunds or other points of this document, it consequently means he is not allowed to purchase the electronic tickets.

1. Basic concepts:

  • Carrier - a motorboat company that provides services for the carriage of Passengers and the organization of excursion or other services on-board.
  • Organizer - a company that organizes touristic or entertainment services together with a motorboat company.
  • Buyer - a person who purchases an electronic ticket through the service.
  • Passenger - a person who has registered at the box office at the pier and is boarding the watercraft.
  • service is an online store selling electronic tickets. The management company (site operator) is LLC «Tsentr organizatsii i prodvizheniya sobytiy «Pro Sobitie»,
  • Payment system - a system (Yandex.Kassa) that performs an operation to synchronize your current account with the current account of our company. The system is the guarantor of the purity of the operation between the Buyer's bank and LLC «Tsentr organizatsii i prodvizheniya sobytiy «Pro Sobitie». ATTENTION! The bank commission when making a payment on the site is 5% of the ticket price and is fully paid by LLC «Tsentr organizatsii i prodvizheniya sobytiy «Pro Sobitie»,
  • E-ticket - an electronic document with boarding information and a unique number. The ticket is automatically sent to the Buyer after making the payment. This document, depending on the trip, should be provided to the pier box office in electronic form (on the screen of a phone or tablet) or in paper form.
  • Boarding ticket number - a unique identification number that is assigned at the time of purchase. This number has a combination of alphanumeric values. By this number, you get a Passenger ticket at the pier. All the necessary information for your order (trip's name, time, number of people) is determined only by this number. ATTENTION!! The order number received at the time of purchase on the Yandex.Kassa service is not a boarding ticket number. You will receive your boarding ticket number by e-mail or, if you return to the tour's page, immediately after purchasing the ticket.
  • Boarding ticket (Passenger ticket) - a paper blank established by the motorboat company, issued at the box office on the basis of the provision of an electronic ticket with a number. A boarding ticket confirms the Passenger's right to be aboard and complies with the rules of stay aboard. A boarding ticket is not allowed to be thrown out or torn until the end of a trip or excursion.

2. Purchase of an electronic ticket

  • Our service does not make reservations with the further repayment of electronic tickets. When buying tickets for trips with the general admission on board, you are assigned a seat based on the boat's capacity and the number of seats on closed decks.
  • In the case of the repetitive submission of an electronic ticket, the Carrier company has the right to refuse to provide the service to the person submitting such a ticket.
  • An electronic ticket is valid only on the route and date indicated on the purchased ticket.
  • The cost of a trip on the site and at the pier may vary in accordance with the company's marketing policy.
  • Some trips and excursions are not sold on the site same-day, they can only be purchased at the pier at the price set for sale at the pier.
  • Information on excursion pages (location, time, price, and other information) is valid only at the time of purchase.
  • We do not collect any personal information about the Buyer other than the specified phone number, name and email. This data is necessary to contact the Buyer and send an electronic ticket.
  • You can make a purchase without a commission by choosing any payment method convenient for you. Please note that when choosing cash payment, the purchase of a ticket and, accordingly, the reservation, is made only after the payment. When paying in cash in Svyaznoy and Euroset offices, or Sberbank terminals, the commission is 0%.
  • Purchase of tickets on the website means acceptance of the fact that the invoice for the purchase is not issued. The invoice is not issued because the Buyer is an individual who is not a VAT payer.

3. Return or deferment of a ticket

Returning tickets at the Buyers' initiative leads to the commission charged by the Payment system. The commission rate depends on the time left before the departure:

  • More than 24 hours before the departure: 5% commission of the order amount and 25 rubles for the bank refund transaction.
  • Less than 24, but more than 12 hours: 15% commission of the order amount and 25 rubles for a bank refund transaction.
  • Less than 12 hours before the departure: 50% commission of the order amount and 25 rubles for a bank refund transaction.
  • Less than 6 hours before the departure: 100% commission of the order amount.

Rules for tickets return or deferment:

  • The return of tickets at the Buyer's initiative is carried out by request sent to at least 6 hours before the departure time indicated in the ticket. The request must be sent during business hours (from 9:00 to 01:00).
  • If the Buyer did not use the ticket without completing the deferment or refund 6 hours before the boat's departure (the start of the tour) according to the originally issued ticket, then the money are not refunded.
  • The deferment of tickets at the Buyer's initiative is carried out by request sent to at least 6 hours before the departure (excursion) time indicated in the ticket. The application must be sent during business hours (from 9:00 to 01:00). The deferment is not carried out more than twice.
  • If a Meteor ticket is returned at the Buyer's initiative or in case of the trip cancellation only one-way, assuming the initial round-trip purchase, the difference in the amount for return is calculated as the cost of a round-trip ticket minus the cost of a one-way ticket minus the above mentioned commission for the ticket return.
  • In case tickets are printed at the box office and a refund is requested, the Buyer must send a photo of the unused tickets to or return them to the box office.
  • The commission for canceling tickets for the « St. Petersburg complex tour: Peterhof + night trip to the bridges raising» more than 2 hours before Meteor leaves for Peterhof - 100% of the ticket cost and 25 rubles. After the 1st trip is used, a refund of the total cost is 25% of the ticket cost and 25 rubles
  • The fee for canceling tickets to the Hermitage more than 5 days after the purchase is 130 rubles for each person on the ticket + 5% of the total cost of the tickets and 25 rubles for a bank transfer. If it is necessary to re-place the order for another time, the cost of the order processing is not charged. A refund is possible within 90 days from the moment of placing the order. Partial cancellation of the order is not possible - a refund is possible only for all the people specified in one order.

Return of tickets at the initiative of the trip's Organizer (motorboat company):

  • In case of the trip's cancellation by a motorboat company due to technical or other conditions (which are not force majeure) that impede a trip or an excursion, a full refund or the ticket deferment is carried out.
  • If, due to the trip's cancellation, a motorboat company refunds a one-way Meteor ticket assuming an initial round-trip purchase, the difference in the amount for return is calculated as the cost of a round-trip ticket minus the cost of a one-way ticket.

Attention! Refund or deferment of a ticket is not carried out in the following cases:

  • Bad weather conditions (rain, snow, thunderstorm, fog) or other uncomfortable conditions, except when the weather conditions prevent the boats from entering the Neva and the Gulf of Finland. Organizers and motorboat companies are not responsible for a sharp deterioration in the weather conditions that reduce Passenger comfort on the open parts of the deck, pier or during a walking tour. The Passenger is obliged to independently provide his personal comfort and dress taking into account the changing weather conditions in St. Petersburg.
  • The Organizer does not reimburse the cost of the services not claimed at the Buyer's initiative / fault or if the Buyer fails to use the tickets due to his nonappearance / late arrival to the start of the trip.

Force majeure circumstances:

  • Bad weather conditions are not force majeure circumstances, except for those weather conditions in which it is forbidden to carry Passengers. The exit ban is regulated by the special water surveillance services and company charter. In this case, the price of the ticket is refunded in full minus the 5% bank commission.
  • The cancellation of the bridges raising by St. Petersburg GBU Mostotrest is not a force majeure event. If the organizer knows about this cancellation in advance, the ticket deferments to another date. There are no bridges raising on public holidays.

Important information:

  • The excursion route may alter due to the water level changes. This is not the reason for the refund or deferment of the trip, since we take into account the variability of weather conditions and try to replace the route with a similar or the only possible in the existing conditions.
  • In case of any questions about the quality of the Passenger transportation services and other activities related to boarding, accommodation and on-board services, contact us or the motorboat company organizing your trip.

Procedure for returning an electronic ticket and money refund:

Refunds are made by a request to our email indicating the reason for the return (exchange) and with an attached electronic ticket for which a refund is necessary. The request must be sent during business hours (from 9:00 to 01:00).

A request for a refund is processed within 24 hours from the moment of its receipt. After that, we send a request to Yandex.Kassa Payment system for a full or partial refund. When buying a ticket on the site, money from your card are not immediately withdrawn, they're temporarily reserved, so we send a request to cancel this hold from the sum on your card. The process of money refund by the bank may take up to 10 business days in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.
Note: when the money are refunded, the reservation of the sum is canceled, so the money can be refunded by the date of purchase.

If the money have not been transferred to your card in the specified period, check the statement on the card with which the payment was made for the period from the date of the purchase or contact your bank with a request for a refund.

4. Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal data of your bankcard. You give us only your phone number, email address, name and the necessary parameters of the selected tour. This data is stored with us and is necessary to identify your order and to contact you. Your contact information is used solely to transmit the information about a trip or promotions.

5. Passenger's memo

The following activities are prohibited on board:

  • Throwing matches, garbage and other rubbish overboard and into the illuminator;
  • Using fire and pyrotechnics on the boat (lighting candles, crackers, confetti, sparklers, torches, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic products);
  • Smoking;
  • Placing advertising materials on the boat without an agreement with the Carrier;
  • Attaching any materials in the boat's premises to the glasses, walls, ceiling and floor;
  • Entering and staying in service rooms with the «No Entry» plates and in places where the boat devices and mechanisms are located;
  • Going out to boat's wing decks and wading into the waters from the boat and swimming;
  • Boarding a boat with animals (including dogs, cats);
  • Going aboard drunk or intoxicated;
  • Carrying on board alcoholic beverages and food without the Carrier's permission. In case of violation of this clause, Passengers may not be allowed on board;
  • Carrying on board any dangerous or illegal things (compressed gases, caustic substances, weapons, explosives and combustible substances, drugs, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious materials, etc.);
  • Leaning over rails (fences) around open decks while the boat is moving or berthing;
  • Running along the ramps;
  • Leaving children unattended, be on the guard rail. Passengers are fully responsible for their minors;
  • Rising or descending the gangway without holding onto the handrails and in the absence of persons responsible for boarding leads to the Passenger's disembarking;
  • Getting up while the boat is moving and passing under the bridges and other dangerous places.

Rules for staying on board:

After the boarding, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the location of the boat's premises and the escape routes in case of emergency.

It is necessary to strictly comply with the orders of the boat's administration;

Intoxicated Passengers or in altered state of consciousness may not be allowed by the crew (administrator, sailor, captain) on the trip if they consider this condition or behavior inconsistent with the level of safety on board and the necessary comfort of other Passengers. In the case of non-admission of a Passenger on board because of the aforementioned reasons, the tickets deferment or full (partial) refund is not carried out.