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Sailing in St. Petersburg

Yacht tour in St. Petersburg

  • Discounts: ticket for children (3 to 12 years old) is 2300 rubles. The cruise is available for children of the age of three.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult during the trip.

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About this tour

Usually on boat trips we get acquainted with the historical part of the city, hence we know that St. Petersburg is one of those places where you can simultaneously experience the ambience of the Cote d'Azur and Singapore just in a couple of hours. Here even locals who know the city inside and out, still discover this different and novel side. It is better to do it on a sailing yacht.


While crossing the water surface of the Gulf of Finland, you realize that the main symbol of this city is the beauty of the Baltic waters and the harmony of unique modern architecture. This yacht cruise in St. Petersburg will unfold an impressive urban panorama of the city for you. Do you understand now why is St. Petersburg considered the modern sea capital of Russia?


Yacht trip details: 

  • 3-hour trip on a sailing yacht in St. Petersburg along the Gulf of Finland;
  • sailing experience is not required; 
  • a picturesque sea voyage and an exciting trip;
  • urbanism of the 21st century and a panorama of modern St. Petersburg;
  • immersion in the culture of yachting;
  • a fascinating yacht trip along the Neva among other similar yachts, boats, speedboats and cruise liners;
  • lots of cool photos and unique videos;
  • if it's warm like in the summer you can even swim;
  • you can take along a bottle of white wine and some snacks.
    • Krestovsky island
    • Vasilyevsky Island
    • Cable-stayed bridges
    • Gazprom Arena
    • Lakhta Center
    • Port Marine facade
    • Park of 300th Anniversary
    • The Gulf of Finland

    Our route 

    For sailing in St. Petersburg we depart from the Martynov embankment, 92/3 (next to the Neva yacht club). The nearest metro station is Krestovsky Island.


    We'll start our sailing journey with Krestovsky Island. We will pass along the Neva under the Western High-Speed Diameter and then enter the Gulf of Finland where we will sail though the waves. The exact itinerary for a yacht trip in St. Petersburg depends on weather conditions and your preferences, in any case everything is going to be discussed in advanced.


    Our boat

    Yacht trip in St. Petersburg will take place on a cruising sports yacht. On board there is a mess cabin and cabins for accommodation, where you can always go down and enjoy hot drinks and cookies.


    At the beginning of a yacht trip along the Gulf of Finland, each participant is given a life jacket. In the summer, you can take swimsuits and towels, and in the autumn, we advise you to take along a warm sweater or a hoodie and maybe even a raincoat. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes with white soles that won't get dirty.


    Buying a ticket

    After buying a ticket for a yacht trip in St. Petersburg you do not need to print it, just show it on your screen when boarding.


    You can rent a yacht  in Saint-Petersburg with your friends and loved ones. You can organize this trip through the website or contact us in advance by phone or mail.

    Reminder for guests:


    1. It rains quite often in St. Petersburg, so it's not an excuse not to enjoy a boat tour. You can only return or exchange your tickets  in the event of a storm warning.


    2. It is always cool on the water, so even in the summer season we advise you to take along a warm jacket. The most suitable options are trousers or jeans, a T-shirt or jacket and comfortable sneakers.


    3. You can bring food and drinks on board. If you are planning to have a snack bring disposable tableware and napkins with you. The captain of the boat has the right to limit the consumption of alcohol for the safety and comfort of all the passengers on board. Also remember that you are not allowed to bring red wine and berry drinks.

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