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ROUND-TRIP to Peterhof 2019 - Meteor fast speed boat transfer to Park and Palace with a discount for the best price

Round Trip Meteor speed-boat to/from Peterhof 2020

Navigation in 2019 is cancelled. You can book a trip for 2020 in advance!
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  • Duration: 35 mins
  • Schedule: To Peterhof 10:35 - 13:35 (each hour).
    Back to St.Petersburg 12:30 - 17:15 (each hour).
  • Departure in St.Petersburg: Palace Emb. 36 (Dvortsovaya Emb. in front of Hermitage).
  • Departure in Peterhof: Pier in Lower Park, ticket office №1
  • Steamboat: Meteor hydrofoil steamboat
  • On board: WC
Please bear in mind that, due to large numbers of tourists in 2019, the queues lasted for a few hours. Buy tickets in advance!
Admiralty / Hermitage / Spit of Vasilievsky Island / Peter-and-Paul's Fortress / Finnish Bay / Peterhof Park / Peterhof Fountains
Boat description
The speedboat to Peterhof will get you back to the city within only 35 minutes, and you will have plenty of time for visiting other places of interest.
Description of the route
By riding to the most popular suburb of St. Petersburg via hydrofoil, you get the opportunity to enjoy the city panoramas from the water and to admire the expanses of the Gulf of Finland, while spending a minimum amount of time travelling; it is better to spend extra time seeing a wonderful park, fountains and palaces. The hydrofoil to Peterhof will pass by the significant historical monuments of the city. You will see The Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and the arrow of Vasilevsky Island.

The schedule of the Meteor hydrofoils in 2020 is really convenient: a fast boat to Peterhof departs every hour from 10:35 to 13:35; the boat to St Petersburg departs every hour from 12:30 to 17:15.
Place of departure - the boat leaves for Peterhof directly from the city center. The departure pier is next to The Hermitage (Central Pier "Pier with the lions" near the Palace Bridge on Admiralteyskaya Emb. 2, ticket office №1 and №2). Meteors from St. Petersburg to Peterhof arrive at the end of the central alley of fountains (Pier in Lower Park, ticket office №5 and №6).

Please note: you can purchase tickets for the transfer to the Lower Park via our website, but entrance tickets to Peterhof must be purchased separately at the ticket office of the museum-reserve or on the official website of the museum.

For foreign citizens, a ticket to Peterhof costs 900 rubles.

If you arrive at the park via water and also want to return via the hydrofoil from Peterhof to St. Petersburg, do not leave the Lower Park. Otherwise, you will have to buy an entrance ticket again. All sights, including the park ensemble of Peterhof, are located in the Lower Park!