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Hydrofoil to Peterhof from St Petersburg 2023

Hydrofoil to Peterhof

  • Price: Standard Class — 1190 rubles, Comfort Class — 1490 rubles, Business Class — 1800 rubles.
  • Discounts: Standard Class: discount (schoolchildren, students, senior citizens and people with disabilities) — 1090 rubles, children (from 3 to 12 years) — 650 rubles. Comfort Class: discount — 1300 rubles, children — 750 rubles. Business Class for children — 900 rubles. Children under 3 years old — free of charge.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult during the trip.
1190 ₽

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The fastest way to get to Peterhof just for

About this tour

By riding to the most popular suburb of St. Petersburg via hydrofoil, you get the opportunity to enjoy the city panoramas from the water and to admire the expanses of the Gulf of Finland, while spending a minimum amount of time travelling. It is better to spend extra time seeing a wonderful park, fountains and palaces. The hydrofoil to Peterhof will pass by the significant historical monuments of the city. 


Features of our boat trip: 

  • The fastest and most beautiful way to get to Peterhof and back.
  • Route through the center of St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland.
  • Departure from the city center every hour.
  • Three types of tickets with seats in different parts of the hydrofoil: Standard Class with seats in the back of the meteor, Comfort Class with seats in the center of the meteor and Business Class with more comfortable seats in the panoramic bow of the meteor with snacks and hot drinks included.


  • Neva river
  • Admiralty
  • Hermitage
  • Spit of Vasilyevsky Island
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Gazprom Arena
  • Lakhta Center
  • Gulf of Finland
  • Peterhof
  • Grand Palace
  • Lower Park
  • Grand Cascade

Out route 

The boat leaves for Peterhof directly from the city center. The departure pier is next to the Hermitage. From there we will go through the city center towards the Gulf of Finland in the direction of Peterhof. Meteors from Peterhof to St. Petersburg depart from the end of the central alley of fountains (pier in Lower Park).


Out boat 

We are going to Peterhof on the hydrofoil: a fast, snow-white boat with large panoramic windows and soft seats. The hydrofoil itself, similar to an airplane, is divided into three zones, which are located in various parts of the hydrofoil and differ from each other in terms of comfort: 

  • Standard Class — seats in the back part of the meteor.
  • Comfort Class — seats in the central part of the meteor in the middle of the hall or by the window.
  • Business Class — seats in the bow of the meteor with panoramic windows and more comfortable seats. The price also includes hot drinks and snacks, as well as personalized service.


1. The ticket to the Lower Park is valid only once, you can not enter the ticket a second time. So it's better not to leave the Lower Park if you plan to return back on the hydrofoil.


2. On our website, you can only buy a ticket for the hydrofoil to Peterhof. In order to get to the park itself, you will need to purchase entrance tickets on the website of the GMZ Peterhof or in the ticket office on the pier. 

Route map