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Hermitage (the Winter Palace) entrance tickets - schedule, price and map

Hermitage (the Winter Palace)

  • Availability: Valid for 90 days from the date of payment
  • Duration: For 1 day visit during working hours
  • Place of departure: Palace square (Dvortsovaya square)
  • Tickets: E-ticket with barcode without printing

Working hours
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.30am-6.00pm
  • Wednesday, Friday: 10.30am-9.00pm
  • Closed on Mondays, January 1st and May 9th
  • Free admission on December 7th and May 18th - but PLEASE NOTE on those days the museum is often overcrowded
About Museum
The Hermitage of St. Petersburg is one of the largest museums in the world. In order to plan your visit, it is convenient to take into account some practical elements, as well as organize a good itinerary, depending on the time you have available.
Special opportunity to skip the line and enter the Hermitage without queue! Discover a legendary historical russian collection of more than 3 million art works and artifacts from all over the world. Choose a 1-day ticket for a quick visit and a 2-day ticket to see more.
Meeting point
Visitors with online tickets use a special entrance to the Main Museum Complex through Shuvalovsky Passage, connecting Millionnaya Street with Palace Embankment between the buildings of the New and Small Hermitage (near Atlants).
Description of the museum
What is the Winter Palace?

The Winter Palace is well known to tourists, as the exposition site of the State Hermitage Museum. In the past, the building was the main imperial palace, which was rebuilt five times. The last project was developed by the famous architect Rastrelli. He chose the style of Elizabethan Baroque and French Rococo for the palace. The Winter Palace is one of the most visited places in St. Petersburg. There are more than 2 million tourists annually, including 500 thousand foreign citizens.

Can I purchase the tickets online?

You can purchase the tickets to the Hermitage online. It is a fast and convenient way, which will allow you to avoid queues. An online ticket to the main building of the Hermitage is called an entrance voucher. It provides access to the museum complex for 1 or 2 days. Please note that, if you purchase the tickets online, the benefits for citizens of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus unfortunately are not valid.

Online tickets have additional benefits:

  • Separate entrance to the Main Museum Complex (the Winter Palace) from Millionnaya street
  • Open date for visiting the museum
  • Convenient cancellation and refund conditions
  • Separate wardrobe in the Winter Palace (it will shorten your entrance time to the museum)
  • Activation of a 1-day voucher occurs from the moment of the first entry until the end of the day
How much does the entrance voucher cost?

The cost of vouchers for an adult visitor on the NevaTrip website (including students, cadets and senior citizens):

1100 rubles is the cost of an admission ticket to the Main Museum Complex and the General Headquarters. It includes the ticket, valid for one day (830 rubles), and NevaTrip commission (260 rubles).

You can add up to 2 tickets for children (up to 16 years old) to the electronic voucher if you have a supporting document, such as a birth certificate or a passport. You can get individual children's tickets directly in the museum itself.

*Museum days off are Mondays, January 1st and May 9th. If your second calendar day on the voucher falls on a day off, you can come to the museum the next day (Tuesday, January 2 or May 10, respectively).

Where can I buy the voucher?

You can purchase an entrance voucher to the Winter Palace with a commission on our website. We accept bank cards and cash payments (both in our office and through payment terminals).
Please pay attention that both types of vouchers give the opportunity to visit any of the museums only 1 time during the selected day.

Are there any discounts?

You can get a free admission for children under 18 years of age, students, cadets, senior citizens. Furthermore, everyone can visit the Winter Palace for free on the third Thursday of every month.
Citizens of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus have a discount, so the ticket price will be 300 rubles. If you wish, you can buy a complex ticket to visit several objects of the Hermitage at the same time. The cost of it starts from 400 rubles. If you want to get a discount, we advise you to have your identification documents with you.
For citizens of other countries, the cost will be higher, in amount of 700 rubles for a complex admission ticket.
The best way to visit the Winter Palace is with a personal guide. You can also join and listen to the guiding tour of any of the passing groups. Besides, audio guides are available for you in the museum.
Hot season in the Winter Palace is summer and school holidays. During this period, you should be ready for long queues. In winter and on weekdays it's much better, and if you purchase an online ticket at our website, you can also get inside faster.