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Hydrofoil to Kronshtadt excursion tour 2020 with free time on island

Excursion to Kronstadt via Meteor speedboat 2020

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Schedule: From Thursday to Sunday at 12:30
  • Departure: Universitetskaya Emb. 3 (opposite the Kunstkamera museum)
  • Boat: Meteor hydrofoil steamboat
  • Language: RUS only
  • On board: WC
Take a look at St. Petersburg from a different angle with an amazing Meteor speedboat tour to Kronstadt - the city of Russian naval glory!
Naval Cathedral / Kronstadt / Forts of Kronstadt / Kunstkammer / Admiralty / Hermitage / Spit of Vasilievsky island / Peter and Paul Fortress / Port Sea Facade / Petrovsky Stadium / Gulf of Finland
Boat description
The fast-speed boat to Peterhof will get you to Kronstadt within 60 minutes only, and you will have plenty of time for visiting the island.
Description of the route
  • From Thursday to Sunday
  • Boat trip in the Gulf of Finland on the Meteor speedboat
  • 1.5 hour guided excursion to Kronstadt with extra free time
  • Visit to Naval Cathedral
  • Return route includes a tour of famous forts

Please note:
  • If you want to visit Kronstadt on a weekend during high season, reserve well in advance. Tickets frequently sell-out.
  • Meals are not included in the price of the trip to Kronstadt. You will have an hour of free time in the city, during which you can purchase your own lunch.
  • It is possible to purchase only a transfer to Kronstadt sans city tour.

The Meteor to Kronstadt comfortably transports you from St. Petersburg to the fortress city within one hour. The speedboat departs from University Nab. 3 pier, at the Kunstkammer. Departure time is at 12:30, Thursday to Sunday and the excursion is 5-5.5 hours.

The route follows the Neva River. You will see the central sights of the city: the Hermitage, the Spit of Vasilievsky Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress. Then the Meteor will speed onwards to the Gulf of Finland for sightseeing in Kronstadt.

Along the way, your professional guide will regale you with stories about the legendary city. The Excursion to Kronstadt from St. Petersburg includes a walking tour which lasts 1.5 hours and a visit to the magnificent Naval Cathedral!

Finally, you will have 1 hour of free time. When your excursion ends, the Meteor will return you to Admiralteyskaya Emb. 2 in St. Petersburg.

The Ship:
Excursions from St. Petersburg to Kronstadt take place via the high-speed "Meteor". The safety and convenience of passengers is guaranteed by a professional team. On board there are soft, comfortable seats and panoramic windows which will ensure a pleasant voyage.
  • "Standard" class - comfortable chairs in the central and aft salons. On board café where you can enjoy drinks and snacks.
  • "Comfort" class - window seats located in the central cabin of the ship. They offer beautiful views of the city panorama.
  • "Business" class - for our valued guests: salon with panoramic windows located in the bow of the Meteor. The ticket price for guests also includes soft drinks and snacks (an assortment of nuts with raisins and candied fruits, mini cakes, chocolate, and still water. For adults - a glass of wine; for children - juice).

Buy tickets:
The Excursion to Kronstadt from St. Petersburg is popular; purchase tickets online in advance. After your purchased ticket arrives via e-mail, you can print it or present an electronic version at the ticket office on the pier.