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"Northern Venice" extended route 2019
Every half hour 11:00-20:00 (daily).
Open time ticket valid for any one cruise during the day
Fontanka emb., 27 | from 11:00 to 20:00
BE CAREFUL! These 6 days navigation is stopped due to a public holidays:
May, 1st 2019 / May, 9th 2019 / May, 27th 2019 / June, 12ve 2019 / June, 21st 2019 / August, 2nd 2019

All the tickets bought on those days will be cancelled and changed to another appropriate date for the client.
"Northern Venice" extended route 2019
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  • Duration: 1 hour 15 min
  • Schedule: Every half hour 11:00-20:00 (daily). Open time ticket valid for any one cruise during the day
  • Departure: Fontanka embankment, 27
  • Steamboat: Single-deck ship with panoramic windows and open deck
  • Guided tour language: RUS only
  • On board: WC, audioguide
Tickets are realized the day before the walk.
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on the tour "Northern Venice".
Winter Palace (Hermitage) / Vasilievsky island / Peter-Pavel's Fortress / Summer garden / The Summer Palace of Peter I / Chizhik-Pyzhik / Mariinskii Opera House / Engineering Castle / Circus / Sheremetevsky Palace / Anichkov Bridge / The Yusupov Palace / Derzhavin Museum-Estate / Cathedral of St. Nicholas / Saint Isaac's Cathedral / The Stroganov Palace / The Marble Palace
Boat description
Going on a tour of the rivers and canals, do not worry about the weather. The boat has both an open and closed deck, and in addition, the boat is heated, so you will be comfortable at any time of the year.
Description of the route
A boat trip along the St. Petersburg channels is a must for any tourist program. Petersburg was conceived as a city on the water, an analog of Venice and Amsterdam, and rightly deserved its name "Northern Venice".
The excursion departs from the pier near the famous Anichkov Bridge, runs through the entire Fontanka to the Kryukov Canal, then goes to Moika to the Winter Canal, from where it will return to the pier through the Great Neva along the Peter and Paul Fortress. This is the only route that includes a tour of the entire Fontanka river deep into the city.

24 bridges await you to discover its legends and enticing histories. By each turn you will see beautiful palaces and castles. This excursion through the channels of St. Petersburg will show you the best architectural monuments of "Northern Venice". And at night, take advantage of the unique opportunity and visit the Special offer 2018: Drawbridges excursion on a two-deck steamboat. Where you will see the drawbridges in all its beauty.

Please note: in case of water level rise the route changes: Neva-Fontanka-Neva, due to the fact that the boat can not pass under the bridges of the Moika River.